The Gap. Ink on paper, 20X30 cm, 2018

Yellow couple. Acrylic on paper, 180X70 cm, 2018

Mor and Golda.  Acrylic and oil on canvas, 100X70 cm, 2019

A woman and her cat . Acrylic on paper, 50X70 cm, 2018

Grandpa feeds grandma. Acrylic on paper, 35X50, 2020

Her and I. Acrylic on paper,  80X70 cm, 2018

I still love you only slightly less. Graphite and coal on paper, 20X30 cm, 2021

pendulum . Pencil on paper, 35x50 cm, 2016

The survivals. Pencil on paper, 40X50 cm, 2016

Grandpa feeds grandma. Pen on paper, 20X30 cm, 2014

The floating table. Pen on paper, 20X30 cm, 2021

Inner Mama. Pencil on paper, 20X40 cm, 2021